How Aureiah Started


On a little island called Coochiemudlo Island, off the coast of Brisbane, Australia, Dr. Judith Long awoke one morning with the name “Aureiah” in her mind. She wrote the name down, wondering what this was. She noticed the unusual spelling. She was curious but had no idea what the word meant. She tucked the paper away in the cupboard.

A few months later the name appeared again in her mind and this time it was accompanied by a vision. Judith wasn’t sure if she were dreaming. She was in an altered state. She was viewing a beautiful being at the foot of her bed. Judith gently asked “Who Are You?” The being replied, “My name is Aureiah. I am from the Pleiades. We are here to assist you.” Judith asked “What am I to do?” Aureiah replied, “You are to record your meditations professionally. It is time. You have our assistance.” Judith immediately set out to record two meditation CDs.

Up to that point, Judith had been using wonderful music from others as background for her meditation classes. Now it was time to have her own. The music was written, the vocals recorded, the album covers designed and the production complete – all in 45 days. Love prevailed in every circumstance. Yes, two exquisite masterpieces were fully created — truly a work of Spirit. They are titled “Relax and Return to Your Essence” and“Living Energetically in Peace”. Judith named her company Aurieah Productions after this beautiful and loving Being and the miraculous experience.

What started there on that island in Australia that night grew into the Aureiah Productions of today. Bit by bit, Judith was inspired to create additional products, all of which have as their primary purpose restoring you to You, thus being the best that you can be. From this place we can all create a new, loving and more beautiful world.

~Namaste, Judith


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